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(See also: Guide for Newbies Spanish Version)
(See also: Guide for Newbies Brazilian Version)

First of this is meant for newbies of the game and for easier transition into endgame content. There might be some other helpful stuff for people that are end-game already but most should know all of these.

Useful links


  • Your starter is your best friend, try to full clone it. The BM (Burst Mode) forms are on par with any other BM in the game.
  • Completing the Main quests of each area (Snowstorm, Maze, File Island, and Server continent) has region-specific rewards from Pawn Chessmon White NPC and Completing all Main quests is necessary to unlock further maps such as Verdandi Terminal.
  • There is a bug that makes it so you need change channel to put in skill points for your Digimon.
  • Remember to open the Level-up Gift Box to unlock more inventory and warehouse slots.
  • Daily Quests on Silver Lake gives high EXP (you unlock them after doing Main Quests).
  • When your starter reaches level 70, you can start the mission to unlock their Burst Mode at Banchou Leomon in Infinite Ice wall.
  • Daily Quests on Shinjuku Western Are (Night) gives high EXP. However you have to complete the Main Quest Line to unlock them.
  • You can find the Perfect stats of each Gear here
  • You can farm the Essence for Holy Beast's Hard Dungeon's on certain Maps;


For spots to level up you Digimons fast enter this link Level Up Guide

● Let’s start with leveling. The most optimal way to level right now is Glacier Area Infinite Ice Wall for level 1-100, then you should head for Maze F3/4 or Shinjuku Eastern Area (Night) for level 100-114. After that Odaiba would be the best spot for level 114-120. What you need to remember is that mobs will give you exp as long as the difference between you is less than 30 levels. For example: If you’re hitting a mob that’s level 79, you will get exp from that mob until you’re level 109 at which point he will no longer give you anything.

● Keep in mind that there's also people selling Exp service. That's when you sit afk with (a yellow soccer uniform which gives +1000% EXP) and 2x 1000% buffs on you, while the seller kills Digimon till you're lv120. These are mostly done from lv114~120 only though.

● If you’re new to the game, leveling and questing will be done at the same time. The above is only for when you finish the main quests. There are a few reasons why you should finish all your main quests on all maps but most important are the rewards that you get from Pawn Chessmon White in Dats (see link above).

Things to do every day

●This is what you should be doing first, every day when you log in. After you’ve done all of your quests and hit tamer 90+ all of these dailies will be unlocked.

● Go to D-Terminal and pick up all the Normal and Hard Dungeon Passes. They can be found by Renamon Npc. Hard Dungeon Passes will cost you 30 Materials, you obtain these by taking the hard pass quests and defeating foes in the area specified.

● Also Located in the D-Terminal is Pikmon and Jijimon who have Passes for Green Zone, Green Zone Night(Guild Dungeon) and Miso Village.

● Second thing is going to Elecmon npc and picking up passes for Crack of Devimon (normal) and Hard.

● Third thing is Verdandi Terminal. When you finish all quests there Gallantmon X will give you dailies that give Royal Base Normal passes. You'll need it to get your Bracelet with 5 stats.

● Head over to DMW. There will be a Birdramon NPC which gives Infinite Mountain Dungeon 2.0 Tickets. IMD2.0 is a guild dungeon for 12 members. You don’t need to be in a party to enter but the dungeon has a 12 person limit. We organize runs for this dungeon every week and you should be there if you want to complete it.

World Bosses

●These Bosses spawn every 2 hours and you should be doing them as much as you can since the rewards are great once you stack them up.

● First one that spawns is Mugendramon (Epitome of Destruction), located in Village of Beginning Channel 0. Once he is killed switch to Channel 1 and kill him there then Channel 2 and 3.

● Second one is Garurumon X (Frozen Beast), located in Distorted Data Village. Same process, Ch0~Ch3.

● Third one is Belphemon Rage Mode (Demon Lord), located in Western Area: Outskirts, Ch0~Ch5.

●These next bosses are when you finish quests in Tokyo Area and are much harder so watch out if it’s not killed fast enough you might die, since these bosses do high damage skills. This is also called “The Tour”. They spawn right after Belphemon and the order is:

Big Sight Myotismon Ch0~Ch2. 
Big Sight DarkTyrannomon Ch2~Ch0. 
Odaiba Groundramon and Okuwamon Ch0~Ch2. 
Minato City Myotismon Ch0~Ch2. 
Shibuya Myotismon Ch0~Ch2 
Shibuya Phantomon Ch2~Ch0. 
Shibuya Raremon Ch0~Ch2. 
Valley of Light Mammothmon Ch0~Ch2. 
Valley of Light Aquilamon Ch2~Ch0.

● Rewards for the World Bosses are:

● Mugendramon: Reinforced Digiclone Box, Back Up Disks, Miracle Fruit, Raid Token, Special Chicken Combo (50% HP, 50% DS). You should be stacking Special Chicken Combos and not ever use them except in Colosseum or Hard dungeons.

● Garurumon X: Enhancement Buff Package, Option Change Stones, Number Change Stones, Seal Openers, Level 4 or Level 5 Digi-egg tradeable (very rare).

● Belphemon: Reset Capsule, Reset Capsule A, Hatch Back Up lv4, Hatch Back Up lv5 (tradeable) and materials needed for sovereign dungeons, 50 of each but not 100% drop rate for any of these items.

● Tokyo world bosses drop materials needed to upgrade your digivice that you will get after completing quests in Tokyo. They also give High Monster Card lv1 and lv2. But their sole purpose is to upgrade your digivice.

● Overgrown Area Bosses: These raids are available only during some events, these events happen often and give great rewards, if you’re new to the game you should try doing these as well. It’s located at the right side of DMW Village. Can’t mention all the rewards but let’s just say that you can get Alter S for free here as one of the rewards during one of the events. Some gave Reinforced Clones and Back up disks. Usually spawns before Mugendramon but can change depending on the players.

Money making

Now this is the hard part since you need to decide what you can do without burning out and what is actually enjoyable for you in terms of making money. I will list some methods that are by no means a secret but they will still earn you money. I will list them in order of difficulty.

● First method is killing Gizumons in Infinite Ice Wall and farming MC6. You kill 40 normal Gizumons then 2x Gizumon AT and then Gizumon XT which drop MC6 100%. Gizumon AT and XT give about 2m per kill and the normal Gizumons about 400b. It is highly recommended that you have Bit Magnet if you want to do this method since by the time you farm about 100 MC6 you can earn ~1t from bits alone. MC6 currently sells for about 17~18m. With a 77% MS suit you and AoE skill on your digi. You can farm about 100~150 per hour.

● Second method is Maze Rooms. -B2 has Giromons which drop his seals, Drimogemon eggs, around 800b, Essence of the Thunder God, Chipset eggs which return for 6m ea. Giromon seals are worth about 5~8m on average, Drimogemon eggs are around 15m ea and EoTG is 1.5m right now. I’ve not tested this method but it should make you a lot of money judging by the numbers i listed.

-Maze F4 is next. Diablomons there drop 888b and sometimes can drop 2x. Using this method you can make around 2t per hour only from bits, *also very very boring*.

● Third Method is the Big Sight area with Susanoomon. Susanoomon with his AoE on f3, can one hit kill TankDramons if he’s perfectly cloned on AT and 15 normally on CT. If he’s not perfectly cloned you can always use 1h buffs if you have a ton. It is worth doing this since you can earn around 3t per h depending on your luck with bits and depending if you pick stuff from the ground as in cracked eggs. Tank Dramons also drop high level Attributes for Deff and Attributes which can be sold for 150m ea.

● Fourth Method are dungeons. Obviously all the accessories sell but mostly radiant which can only be obtained from Qinglomons dungeon. It is worth doing them all since all the normal sovereign dungeons can drop Amazing Digitary Power Stone (350~400m) or Amazing Renewal Increase Stone(90~100m), Seals, 2h Buffs for AT, HP, DS, DF and Exp (100m). Also Crack of Devimon normal mode drops D-Codes 1, which can be sold for 70~80m each and you get 10 passes every day. Hard mode drops 3x D-Codes II, which can be sold for 100~115m each and you get 5 passes of them each day. Best thing to do is stack them up to have around 50ish hard and 100 normal and do them in 1 day if you have the nerves.

I will be adding more methods once I’ve tested them but for now these four should be enough.

● Fifth method is buffing up your Digi (Susanoo, Sleip X, Beelze X, Magnamon X best ones) with 1h buffs and farming Soulmons in Shibuya. You get devil data which is around 1m right now, around 2t/h in bits, cracked eggs, Soulmon Seals, High Rank Monster Cards Lv1.

It's a great spot if you can't be bothered with dungeons and just want to farm money solo, since the Soulmons spawn really fast.

Overall keep an eye on the events, as soon as events start check which item do you get the most of. See what you can get with that item and check if the price is bigger when you convert the items. Example: Last halloween event DigiCores were 1m~3m each. DigiClone S were around 170~200m, since 1crown=200m at that time. But 30 DigiCores could net you 1 Clone S. You'd get 1 DigiClone S for 30~90m and you could sell it for 170~200m. This was obviously in the first week. Important part is that if you do it soon enough you can make "bank" before people understand what's happening. Digiclones were also bought because new digis were coming out.

Colosseum [Arena]

Doing arena is a must in my opinion. It takes time depending on which round you’re doing but any round is good as long as you get the coins. The higher the rank the more coins you get. This one’s a bit harder to explain since i can’t exactly say which round can you do but for more basic information on this area please check here. For now I can at least tell you which Bosses spawn at which round and you can then decide if you want to try it. I will start from round 21 since the mobs before are all weak.

R20: Kuwagamon
R21: Meramon
R22: Monochromon
R23: Leomon
R24: Ogremon
R25: Devimon [Crack of Devimon]
R26: Etemon and Datamon [Pyramid Easy]
R27: Majiramon or Antylamon.
R28: Diablomon
R29: Etemon and Datamon [Pyramid Hard]
R30: Devimon [Crack of Devimon Hard]
R31: Mammothmon and Aquilamon [Valley of Light]
R32: Phantomon and Raremon [Shibuya]
R33: Grounddramon and Okuwamon [Odaiba]
R34: Myotismon and Darktyrannomon [Big Sight]
R35: Dexmon [Royal Base Easy]
R36: Xuanwumon [EDGH]
R37: Zhuqiaomon [ZDGH]
R38: Qinglongmon [QDGH]
R39: Baihumon [BDGH]
R40: Fanglonmon.


Accessories are the biggest damage amplifiers in the game. Best accessories right now for newbies are Radiant ones which you can get from the Qinglongmon dungeon. Flame/Aural/Shiny are a solid alternative but you should not use too many Option Change Stones on them because you can get Radiant gear and those are worth using your Option Change Stones on. Hard Dungeons Accessories have been amplified but by the time you get these ones you’ll get the hang of how you’ll get those too. It’s a long grind for those so don’t concern yourself with them. Focus on Radiant ones.

I will post which stats you should aim for on each Accessory based on importance.

● Ring: 2x Attack, Attribute/Health - 2x at is a must, Att and HP are both equally important depending on what you need.

● Necklace: Attack Speed, Critical Damage, Attack, Attribute/Health - AS and CD give the most damage here.

● Earring: Critical Damage, Critical Damage, Hit Rate, Attribute/Health - CD CD is a must, huge boost, HT is needed for late game content.

● Bracelet: Critical Damage, Critical Damage, Attack, Hit rate, Hit rate/Health - Note that only the 5 stat bracelet can have 2 of the same stat until you get that you should have HT and CD on a 2 stat bracelet and you’re good to go.

See also: Perfect Stats

Transcending Digis

● Transcending your digi gives a huge boost to all if it’s stats. You can only transcend if your digi is hatched level 5, above 125% in size and lv100 or higher. To transcend head over to Digimon archive Transcendance tab left click the digi you want to transcend and you can see which type of chip it needs for transcending. A transcended digis max size is 140%, you should be satisfied with anything that's 137% or more though. If you want to know the exact difference in stat you're gonna get, multiply your base stat with the desired %. For example if you’re aiming for 137% and your digi is 125%. The difference is 12% so you multiply your base AT for example by 1.12 and see how much of a boost you’ll get.

● Optimal way to Transcend is to hatch as many 5/5 digimons and feed your digi with them. A few digimons that are good to farm are Gotsumon, Drimogemon, Kunemon. They require 1 or 2 data per try so the cost isn’t that high. A 5/5 digimon lv1 and 0 clone will give you around 11% if you use Mid Class Transcended Chips, which you should. The higher the level and clone the more Exp you get. Optimally you’d want a 12 cloned digi and lvl 60 to feed with. If you can’t be bothered with leveling or cloning your food digimon, then you’ll need 9~10 digimons that are 5/5 to transcend your digi. Note that raremon gives high amounts of exp, but is currently only available through cash shop. He gives a set amount of exp no matter the level.

● For more information on transcending please check out the transcending page located here!


● Seals are one of the most important amplifiers in the game since they buff your overall stats on every Digimon, just like accessories. Usually when you start you should focus on getting Attack, Defense, Hit Rate Seals, and Hit Points in that order.

● As a beginner try to open first 200 Seals of each seal this method costs only 4 openers per stat and can provide you with a good well rounded benefit to start off with while minimizing overall costs. Using the most farmable seals available[Non-Dungeon related seals/Event Seals/Lvl 7 Monster Cards/Raid Bosses] You can round out to +760 Attack, +680 Hit Rate, +692 Defense and +800 HP from opening to 200. However you can also try to open 500 or 1000 of each Seal if you have the funds/openers to do such. If you go for 3000 that costs 60 Seal Openers and the increase isn’t as big as the money you invest in.

● For example it’d be better to open 1000 Cherrymon seals and 1000 Chrysalimon seals which would cost you 40 seal openers than opening 3000 Cherrymon seals for example. Opening 1000 of each gives you 360 AT, but if you open 3000 of Cherry for example it would give you only 250 AT and you would use 20 more seal openers as well.

When starting out see which seals give the most stats but are also farmable (link to see where seals drop and what stats they give). For AT i recommend starting with Cherrymons, Chrysalimons, Giromons, Devimons. For Hit Rate Garudamon, Knightmon, DarkTyrannomon. For Defence Meteormon, Rockmon, Meramon. Once you start you’ll figure it out by yourself.

Using Donny

There’s a few commands that this bot can do but most commonly used for finding items that are in shops in-game.

.storeitem ItemName is the command for that. Example: You’re looking for MC6 you’d type: .storeitem Monster Card Lv6 and hit enter.

If you’re stuck on a map or in a dc loop it can help you if you type:

.unstuckme and the bot will teleport you to dats.

Now this next command is used in-game. When you find an item that you want to buy via Imprisoned God you can copy the name of the shop then go in-game and type:

/shopfinder NameOfTheShop and it will highlight it for you. Note that you have to be on the same channel as the shop for it to be highlighted. This is helpful in Ch1 Dats because there is a lot of shops.