PawnChessmon W (Quest Rewards)

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PawnChessmon W (Quest Rewards)
PawnChessmon W (Quest Rewards).png
Kind Reward
Location: DATS Center

The Rewards from specific main quests are useful items that you can obtain from the NPC PawnChessmon W (Quest Rewards) located in DATS Center near Calumon. You need to complete all of the main quests on the specific map to be rewarded.
V Main Quest Completions Currently are down below V

Quest: Ice Area Completion

Required Quest: Mercurimon's Summons ( Infinite Ice Wall ); all Main + Sub Quests (including DigiVice Quests) are needed to recieve the Quest Reward.


Mysterious Mercenary DigiEgg (4~5).png Random Reinforced DigiEgg Lv.4

Red Light of Life.png Red Light of Life x 500

Blue Light of DigiSoul.png Blue Light of DigiSoul x 500

Xuanwumon Ticket.png Pass [Scar of Water Crystal] x 15

Seal Exchange Ticket.png Seal Exchange Ticket x 600

Spooky Halloween Costume Set.png Spooky Halloween Costume Set [30 Days]

Quest: Western Area Completion

Required Quest: Frontier Prologue ( Digimon Maze F4 )


Backup Disk CB.png Backup Disk x 15

DigiAura Icon.png Digiaura [30 Days]

Option Change Stone CB.png Option Change Stone x 20

Number Change Stone CB.png Number Change Stone x 20

WhiteBox.png Mega Reinforced Digiclone Set

Quest: File Island Completion

Required Quest: Final Battle!! ( Infinite Mountain )


Special Chicken Combo.png Special Chicken Combo x 100

BM Random Box.png BM Random Box x 1

Fruit of the Goddess.png Fruit of Goddess x 30

Option Change Stone CB.png Option Change Stone x 30

Amplification Booster +1000%.pngAmplification Booster +1000% x 10

Seal Opener.png Seal Opener x 60

Quest: Server Continent Area Completion

Required Quest: Fake card is! ( Server Continent Pyramid )


WhiteBox.png Reinforced Digiclone Set x 20

Jogress Chip.png Jogress Chip [30 Days]

XAI3.png XAI Ver III [30 Days]

Inventory Expansion.png Inventory Expansion x 10

Warehouse Expansion.png Warehouse Expansion x 10

Rare Coin.png Rare Coin x 10

Quest: Ice Area and Western Area Completion


Growth Fruit (Savers).png Growth Fruit (Savers) x1


- Rare coins are usable at the Rare Machine.
- Items that have a time limit are inside a box so you can use it later when you want to. (Excluding XAI Ver III [30 Days]).