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Guild Permit.png Guild Permit

ClassNormal Item
A permit is required to create a guild.

Buy for100 Currency Mega.png
Sell forInfo Needed

A guild is an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal. Most people form guilds to combine strengths. It is most often used as a way to assure the procurement of a party. It is also a way for associates to remain in contact.

Creating a Guild

To create a Guild, talk to Director Hashima in DATS Center.

  • Choose the Item Shop option, then select the Guild tab and buy a Guild Permit for 100 Currency Mega.png.
  • Talk again to Director Hashima and choose the Create a Guild option.
  • Enter the details and then you're done.

Enhanced Guild System

Guild Level

Guilds can now level up. Doing so unlocks new skills and more member slots:

Guild Level Max Members
Level 1 60
Level 2 80
Level 3 100
Level 4 130
Level 5+ 150

Guild Points

GP (Guild Points)

Guilds can now be earned:

  • Hatching: Earns 30 points
  • Killing Raid Monsters: Earns 5 points
  • Finishing a Quest: Earns 2 points
  • Killing 100 Enemy Digimon: Earns 1 point
  • Guild points are earned per member, but they accumulate for the entire guild.

GSP (Guild Skill Points)

1 Guild Skill Point is earned every 10,000 Guild Points.

Guild Skill Points can be used to activate Guild Skills for 14 days!

Guild Skills

For a list of Guild Skills please refer to Here!