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Equipment attributes are items that can be 'merged' with clothes (gloves,shoes,shirts, pants and head accessories) and give the tamer a boost in attack, defense, HP, DS and MS (movement speed).

Attributes need to be analyzed before they can be merged with equipment. This can be done at Doruphin (Equipment Management) in DATS Center

Analyzed attributes can be merged with equipment and extracted from equipment - only a certain percentage of merged attribute stats is applied to tamer stats - the percentage is determined by clothes stats.

Like all items, however, the drop rate for each item may change based on digimon’s level <—(however more evidence is needed to confirm hypothesis)

MS attributes

MS attributes can be merged with the [Shoes] equipment

Icon Name Class Tamer level Range How to get
Attribute Rare.png MS attribute rank A Rare 3 1~2% Clothes Shop, Birdramon at Western Area: Outskirts, Aquilamon at Ruined Historic, Birdramon and Sabirdramon (Leader) at Silver Lake, WaruMonzaemon at Digimon Farm.
Attribute Legend.png MS attribute rank B Legend 15 2~4% Pumpkinmon at Western Area: West, SkullGreymon (Raid), Monochromon (Raid), Difficult Fight Monochromon.
Attribute Epic.png Desert MS attribute Epic 41 2~10% Server Continent Desert for 50 Shiny Desert Coin.jpg Shiny Desert Coins.
Attribute Epic.png Laboratory MS attribute Epic 41 1~10% Obtainable from Chimairamon's DATA for Hero
Attribute Epic.png Special Laboratory's MS Attribute Epic 41 4~12% Obtainable from Chimairamon's Armor Raid Event

Attribute Rank New

You can get them from various High Rank Monster Card, Tokyo-Odaiba drops. This type of Attribute chipset can be upgraded at Nanomon (Item Craft)

Maximum number for Attribute Rank

Stats Rank A Lv1 Rank A Lv2 Rank A Lv3 Rank A Lv4 Rank A LvMax Rank B Lv1 Rank B Lv2 Rank B Lv3 Rank B Lv4 Rank B LvMax Rank C Lv1 Rank C Lv2 Rank C Lv3 Rank C Lv4 Rank C LvMax
Max HP +50 +100 +150 +200 +250 +300 +350 +400 +450 +500 +550 +600 +650 +700 +750
Max DS +50 +100 +150 +200 +250 +300 +350 +400 +450 +500 +550 +600 +650 +700 +750
Attack +28 +56 +84 +112 +140 +168 +196 +224 +252 +280 +308 +336 +364 +392 +420
Defense +15 +30 +45 +60 +75 +90 +105 +120 +135 +150 +165 +180 +195 +211 +225

Where to farm

Here is page containing spot to fatm clothing attributes Equipment attributes Farming spots