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(See also: Beginner Guide Spanish Version)
(See also: Beginner Guide Brazilian Version)


You're new to the game, you have no idea wtf you need to do? Well this guide is for you then.

This guide will assume that you’re a free 2 play player and that you have no friends (sadface) to help you. Also this is based on the “current meta” of released digis.

You can do whatever you think is right, but I'll tell you the most optimal way to transition into a good overall level where you can have everything later on.

Below I will put a Q&A section and if you have a question you need answered to, use CTRL+F and see if I answered it there.

Also be sure to check this: Guide for Newbies for a more detailed stuff on how to earn money, transcend etc.

You made your character, you finished the tutorial. Now what?

  • Enter the Beginner Map, you will get some helpful Items after completing all Quests on the Map. (DMW Village, the Portal behind the Birdramon NPC)
  • Go to Dats Center (with the Phonebooth NPC) and get access to the D-Terminal (Megumi NPC) after that you can start doing Quests on various Maps.
  • Your primary focus should be to finish all the main quests on all the maps, starting with File Island.

After you complete those maps you can finish the last area that gives the rewards, the snow maps.

Be careful though, in the snow maps, sometimes you have to complete side quests to open new main quests.

After you finish everything here you’ll have good rewards in your inventory waiting to be used, but who do you use it on. You only have your starter digi or maybe you’ve hatched something but you’re not sure if you should use it on that digi. Your tamer is also above level 90 by now.

• Well, ask yourself, how do you want to earn money? How do you want to play the game? What do you want to do? Digimons to aim for!

Digimons to aim for!

Best free option for all of this is to aim towards Susanoomon. You can get the spirits from a Spirit Summon Card.png Spirit summon card, that can be dropped by any Digimon of the same elemental attribute as the Spirit. Once summoned in the D-Terminal Summon Square and defeated, it will drop you a Spirit Item. (For example: You can get a Spirit of Fire H after defeating the Agnimon summoned with the Agnimon summon card item). or you could just buy them from other players. Leveling them to 100 doesn’t take much time, give or take 30ish minutes. You’ll have a 14d soccer uniform that gives you 1000% exp bonus, so that will make your life easier.

Now you do need around 32T to craft Susanoomon. How do you get 32T? Remember DMW is all about efficiency and how you use your time.

Since you’re moving fast you could farm Monster Card Level 6 at Gizumon in Infinite Ice Wall. You kill 40 normal gizumons, then 2 AT bosses, and XT will spawn. Those drop one Monster Card Lv6 each. Then you kill 40 normal gizumons again and kill just 1 AT boss, and the 2 XT bosses will spawn. Then go kill the 2 AT bosses that remain, and again the 2 XT will spawn. Repeat. Monster Card Lv6 costs around 16-18m right now.

So you’d need a lot but it will be worth it in the long run.

No rewards come before hard work.

The books needed for spirits can be farmed at Verdandi map.

Now with Susanoomon you also get a great title (God of Destruction), overall the best beginner title in the game. You also have access to a deck buff known as "Ancient Spirit Evolution" Which when activated gives you 40% Chance per Normal Hit: 25% Additional Normal Damage: Lasts for 5 seconds after activation, also comes with two static buffs of HP is buffed by 15%, and Critical Damage is buffed by 5%. All three of which are active until you choose another deck buff. To see a list of deck buffs please check out Deck System for a handy list of options, note some are not obtainable currently as we don't have all of the digis in game![Namely anything requiring an SSS+ Class Digimon].

You got Susanoomon, now you can do different kinds of things to earn money. Check this guide as well, I can't stress it enough! ~Guide for Newbies! .

Your next aim should be to get accessories. Priority is to get Radiant Accessories. For a beginner Ring>Necklace>Earring, that’s also the cheapest to most expensive one. In the above guide I went over which stats you should aim for on each accessory. Radiant Earring has 4 stats unlike the other ones. Radiant Accessories are quite cheap these days, so try and go for them if you can. Don't waste money or time on getting Aural, Shiny or Flame ones.

(You can use the DMW Bot at Discord to find the best offers, DM him ".storeitem Radiant" to check the Shops created from other players.)

Your next digimon should be Ogudomon. “Why? He’s so ugly man”, yes he is, BUT he is also the one strongest virus digimon in-game and is the strongest F2P Virus currently available. You can farm all the eggs of the digis needed for him. Beelzemon, Lilithmon, Belphemon, Leviamon, Demon, Barbamon and Lucemon are all farmable. Get them to Lv120 and use Source of Sin to make Data Codes and exchange them for Ogudomon. Source of Sin is obtained via one of two methods, First Method: Purchase said item from the crown shop or from other players. The Second Method: this one is a bit more of a challenge, you'll need to complete some pretty tough quests do be able to obtain the items for free once you have gotten the digimon to lvl 120. Refer to Ogudomon Guide for which demon lord digimon needs which quest. Another method of obtainment which skips over those last two choices is to buy the Data Codes from other players but this method is the most pricy of them all.

Ogudomon can do any dungeon in the game and is perfect for Qinglongmon Dungeon, since it has both advantages against Qinglongmon himself. Doing this dungeon can net you the most money out of any other dungeon currently released, since the tickets are farmable, well the materials that are needed for tickets are.

You can skip Susanoo and go straight for Ogudo, but I think Susanoo is the best digi to have for a beginner, the choice is all yours.

“I don’t have the patience to farm that much money, I want to do dungeons sooner.”

You could get Beelzemon X. It’s the strongest X-Evolution Virus digi SS+ and is awesome in Qinglongmon Dungeon runs. Also would help you a lot farming wise, since he has range autos. Very quick to kill stuff. This is the easiest of the three on this list to obtain as his items is always available in the crown shop for 99C. Prices of crowns will fluctuate with time and price can vary, though as long as crowns are below 320M per crown it's cheaper than Susa.

Sadly no good easy F2P Perma alternatives exist for Susanoo. He’s one of a kind. Get him. TRUST ME.

After this point you should have Full Radiant Accessories, Susanoomon, Beelzemon X and eventually Ogudomon . Now you can farm money efficiently, and get everything and anything you want in the game, with time of course.

Below I'll put a quick Q&A section that newer people ask often.

Q&A Section!

1. I ran out of inventory space, what do I do?

Make a new character, you can transfer some items from your current one. Level it to level 10~15 (Tamer), for more inventory and warehouse space.

2. How do I get more inventory space as a free to play player?

Rare coin machines give that. To use the machine you’ll need Rare coins which can be obtained if you do Colosseum and the Coins you get from there you can convert for Rare Coins at a 1:3 rate. Also you can do Green Zone dungeons, 5 times a day for 5 Rare Coins. (You can find the Rare Machines at the Gamble Casino)

3. How do I obtain Backup disks, Clones, Fruits to increase size?

Best way right now is to do the Chimairamon Dungeon in Dark tower, where you will need to farm Kaiser Lab gates to enter.

4. How do I get Evoluters?

Monster Cards are the best way. Evoluters aren’t tradeable so no one can give them to you.

5. What do seals do?

Seals give you stat increases. The more you activate, the more stats you will gain. Check the other Newbie guide at the top for more info.

6. How do I get Digimons?

You farm respective forms of the desired digimon. Those digimon will drop eggs and you will need data to increase the hatching level of the digimon when you attempt to hatch it. Certain digimon need more data but it ranges from 1~13. You go to the incubator and put the egg in and insert data, try and get the bar to the full, good luck.

7. What is a Jogress type Digimon?

Jogress is basically a fusion between 2 or more digimon, and you will need a jogress chip to evolve into the desired form. They’re usually stronger than a digimon that isn’t a fusion.

8. Do I need to hatch every digimon 5/5 for the Jogress to be strong, or does it have any advantage if I have them all 5/5 ?

No, you don’t need to hatch all of them 5/5 and it won’t increase the stat of the digi if you have them ALL at 5/5. Best way is to get just one 5/5 and the rest either 3 / 5 or 4/ 5.

9. What Seals should I focus on first?

Go for Attack, Hit Rate seals and Defense. Try and get at least 200 of each after work toward 500 and then 1000 to be well rounded. All three stats can be big keys in raids, and places like the Colosseum where mons can really hit you hard if you're not prepared.

10. Does Maze need a lot of time to finish or is it faster here?

It’s faster here, but you will still need 2~4 days to finish ALL the maps.

11. Can I get SSS+ Digimons right now?

Yes, the first two SSS+ Digimon were added recently. You can see here which ones are available.

12. Any way to obtain limited time Digimons other than waiting?

If no one is selling the items needed for that digi, or the eggs, then no. You’ll need to wait for an event to obtain the desired digimon.

13. How to get more Maze Keys?

Take the daily quest from Starmon in Maze Entrance that will force you to collect 10 items. That will give you the summon card for Cerebrusmon (Hell Hunter), then go and take the daily quest from Anubismon and kill him. You will get 3 keys and you will need to wait for daily reset to do the quest again.

14. Maze b2 Boltmon Quest is taking too long, what do i do?

Keep killing the ones that have newer names when they spawn. When you kill them, the next tier spawns and so on, till the last one spawns. Up until the last one, all of them spawn in pairs, the last one is a higher level and spawns alone. You just need to keep killing them.

15. How much does *this* item cost?

Use imprisoned god (bot) to check prices.

.storeitem ItemName is the command for that.

Example: You’re looking for MC6 you’d type: .storeitem Monster Card Lv6 and hit enter.

16. How do people get 4 / 5 eggs that are Character Bound (CB)?

Almost every digimon can drop their 4 / 5 egg if you keep killing it for a long time.

17. Can I make a 3 / 5 or a 4 / 5 egg into 5/5?

Yes, but you need to use Mid Class Data and Hatch Backups Lv4 and Lv5.

18. How do I get Hatch Backups?

D-Code machine. You need D-Codes to use those, and you get them by doing Crack of Devimon.

19. How do you get Gehenna?

You get it out of a random Burst mode box that drops from Monster Cards or wait for events.

20. Is “this digimon that has a potential SSS or SSS+ form good”?

Yes, it’s always good to invest in a digimon that has an SSS or SSS+ form, especially if you like the digimon.

21. Do I call him Dukemon or Gallantmon ?

Dukemon, don’t ask why.

22. How do I get the Halloween set and how much does it cost?

Wait for the event and see, right now it’s unobtainable. There is currently one Halloween set which can be recharged and that is obtained via the Tamer Lv99 Lv-Up Reward Box..

23. What does recharging do?

It activates your expired clothes again, you need to use Recharge Energy.

No, you can’t recharge your costume. You can re-charge yellow border clothes or clothes you get from hard dungeons.

24. How do I get dungeon clothes?

By doing a hard difficulty equivalent of the dungeon that the clothing item drops from.

25. Can someone carry me, give me money, help me?

No, it’s a cruel world out there younglin.

26. What is cloning and why is it important ?

It greatly increases your digimon stats. Use reinforced clones to perfectly clone your digimon, at which point they will unlock their full potential.

27. How do I transcend a digi?

Hatch level 5 digimons,5 of them, level them up to 70 and clone 4 stats up to 6. Then use Mid transcending chips in the archive transcendence tab. Good luck.

28. Why should I join a guild?

The DMW community is pretty nice, they’re willing to help and I assure you, you will have an easier time if you join a guild.

29. How to know when raids are up?

Go to DMW discord and in #obt-raid-timer channel press CTRL+F and type in the raid you want the info of. Be sure to check which map it spawns on because there are raids with the same name on different maps. If the map has only a few raids you can type the name of the map too.

30. What is skill breaking?

Skill breaking is when your digi is just about to attack something and as soon as you see the animation you use a skill. The digi will still apply the auto attack damage as well as the skill.

31. Does Advance Skill Breaking exist in DMW?


32. Can a lv4 digi reach 125% ?

Yes, all Level 3,4 and 5 can reach 130%. Level 3 and 4 are extremely unlikely to ever reach that point, and even in level 5 it's quite rare.

33. What are Reinforced Clones or Mega Reinforced Clones?

Reinforced Clones give you the maximum stat you tried to clone, if you’re successful. Mega Reinforced Clones on the other hand give you the maximum stat and are 100% successful.

Please be sure to check the other guide as well, it covers more stuff in depth.