Advanced Spirit System

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Spirit System is a process to hatch Spirit Digimon. You need a Spirit Summon Card.png Spirit Summon Card, that can be dropped by any Digimon of the same elemental attribute as the Spirit. Once summoned and defeated, it will drop you a Spirit Item. (For example: You can get a Spirit of Fire H after defeating the Agnimon summoned with the Agnimon summon card item). Take it to Bokomon (NPC) in Dats Center. The dropped Spirit Item and 1 Bokomons Book of Knowledge Icon.png Bokomon's Book of Knowledge (can be farmed in Verdandi from the Susanoomon Raid) are required to hatch a Spirit Digimon. Spirit Digimon take up one Digimon Archive slot each and they are "hatched" as 3/5 Digimon. The Advanced Spirit System is a special process to hatch Lunar KaiserGreymon & Solar MagnaGarurumon. It's also the way how you craft the Unlocks Items for Susanoomon (Shin).

Spirit Digimon can be hatched at Bokomon (NPC), Lunar/Solar Spirits & Spirit of the Lunar/Solar can crafted at Susanoomon (Shin) (NPC) in DATS. Both Unlock Items for Susanoomon (Shin) can be crafted at UlforceVeedramon FM (NPC) in DATS.

How it works

  • If you get a Spirit Digimon to level 120, you can take it to Susanoomon (Shin) (NPC) to craft a Spirit of Lunar/Solar item (the Digimon will be permanently deleted in the process).
  • You need 80 Bokomons Book of Knowledge Icon.png Boko-Books in total, you will need additional 80T if you're crafting them with the Stained Page of Knowledge.png Boko-Pages.
  • This will cost you 1 Currency Tera.png per craft. To create a Hyper Spirit, you need 10 Spirit of Lunar/Solar H/B related to the Hyper Spirit plus 2,5 Currency Tera.png.
  • Normal Spirits and Hyper Spirits are "hatched" as 3/5 Digimon.


  • To Craft 1 Spirit of the Lunar.png Spirit of the Lunar you have to sacrifice 1 Lunar KaiserGreymon plus 5 Currency Tera.png.
  • To Craft 1 Spirit of the Solar.png Spirit of the Solar you have to sacrifice 1 Solar MagnagGarurumon plus 5 Currency Tera.png.
  • In order to Craft Overseer of Destruction.png Overseer of Destruction you need 2 Spirit of the Lunar.png Spirit of the Lunar + 2 Spirit of the Solar.png Spirit of the Solar + 45 Cosmic Soul.png Cosmic Soul plus 20 Currency Tera.png.
  • In order to Craft Overseer of Regeneration.png Overseer of Regeneration you need 2 Spirit of the Lunar.png Spirit of the Lunar + 2 Spirit of the Solar.png Spirit of the Solar + 45 Cosmic Soul.png Cosmic Soul plus 20 Currency Tera.png.
  • The total crafting costs are 180 Currency Tera.png (Bokomons Book of Knowledge Icon.png Boko-Book crafting costs are excluded).
  • Cosmic Soul.png Cosmic Soul can be obtained by defeating the Susanoomon (Shin) Boss which you can be summoned with the Random Monster Card.png Supreme Evolution Summon Card in the Monster Card Dungeon.
  • Random Monster Card.png Supreme Evolution Summon Card can be obtained after clearing Colo Hero Round 10-11-12-13 from the Reward Box

Exclamation Mark.png Note: Spirits of Lunar/Solar H/B + Spirit of the Lunar/Solar + Overseer of Destruction/Overseer of Regeneration are CHARACTER BOUND

Spirit Digimon

Spirit Item Digimon Lunar/Solar Spirit Item
Spirit of Fire H.png Spirit of Fire H Agnimon Icon.png Agnimon Spirit of Shining Fire H.png Lunar Spirit of Fire H
Spirit of Fire B.png Spirit of Fire B BurningGreymon Icon.png Vritramon Spirit of Shining Fire B.png Lunar Spirit of Fire B
Spirit of Wind H.png Spirit of Wind H Kazemon Icon.png Fairimon Spirit of Shining Wind H.png Lunar Spirit of Wind H
Spirit of Wind B.png Spirit of Wind B Zephyrmon Icon.png Shutsmon Spirit of Shining Wind B.png Lunar Spirit of Wind B
Spirit of Ice H.png Spirit of Ice H Kumamon Icon.png Chakkumon Spirit of Shining Ice H.png Lunar Spirit of Ice H
Spirit of Ice B.png Spirit of Ice B Korikakumon Icon.png Blizzarmon Spirit of Shining Ice B.png Lunar Spirit of Ice B
Spirit of Wood H.png Spirit of Wood H Arbormon Icon.png Arbormon Spirit of Shining Wood H.png Lunar Spirit of Wood H
Spirit of Wood B.png Spirit of Wood B Petaldramon Icon.png Petaldramon Spirit of Shining Wood B.png Lunar Spirit of Wood B
Spirit of Land H.png Spirit of Earth H Grumblemon Icon.png Grotmon Spirit of Shining Land H.png Lunar Spirit of Earth H
Spirit of Land B.png Spirit of Earth B Gigasmon Icon.png Gigasmon Spirit of Shining Land B.png Lunar Spirit of Earth B
Spirit of Shining Fire H.pngSpirit of Shining Fire B.png
Spirit of Shining Wind H.pngSpirit of Shining Wind B.png
Spirit of Shining Ice H.pngSpirit of Shining Ice B.png
Spirit of Shining Wood H.pngSpirit of Shining Wood B.png
Spirit of Shining Land H.pngSpirit of Shining Land B.png
Lunar Spirit of
Fire, Wind,
Ice, Wood,
Earth H&B
Lunar KaiserGreymon Icon.png Lunar KaiserGreymon Hyper Spirit form
Spirit of Light H.png Spirit of Light H Wolfmon Icon.png Wolfmon Spirit of Shining Light H.png Solar Spirit of Light H
Spirit of Light B.png Spirit of Light B KendoGarurumon Icon.png Garmmon Spirit of Shining Light B.png Solar Spirit of Light B
Spirit of Thunder H.png Spirit of Thunder H Beetlemon Icon.png Blitzmon Spirit of Shining Thunder H.png Solar Spirit of Thunder H
Spirit of Thunder B.png Spirit of Thunder B MetalKabuterimon Icon.png Bolgmon Spirit of Shining Thunder B.png Solar Spirit of Thunder B
Spirit of Water H.png Spirit of Water H Ranamon Icon.png Ranamon Spirit of Shining Water H.png Solar Spirit of Water H
Spirit of Water B.png Spirit of Water B Calmaramon Icon.png Calmaramon Spirit of Shining Water B.png Solar Spirit of Water B
Spirit of Darkness H.png Spirit of Darkness H Löwemon Icon.png Löwemon Spirit of Shining Darkness H.png Solar Spirit of Darkness H
Spirit of Darkness B.png Spirit of Darkness B JägerLöwemon Icon.png KaiserLeomon Spirit of Shining Darkness B.png Solar Spirit of Darkness B
Spirit of Steel H.png Spirit of Steel H Mercurymon Icon.png Mercuremon Spirit of Shining Steel H.png Solar Spirit of Steel H
Spirit of Steel B.png Spirit of Steel B Sephirotmon Icon.png Sefirotmon Spirit of Shining Steel B.png Solar Spirit of Steel B
Spirit of Shining Light H.pngSpirit of Shining Light B.png
Spirit of Shining Thunder H.pngSpirit of Shining Thunder B.png
Spirit of Shining Water H.pngSpirit of Shining Water B.png
Spirit of Shining Darkness H.pngSpirit of Shining Darkness B.png
Spirit of Shining Steel H.pngSpirit of Shining Steel B.png
Solar Spirit of
Light, Thunder,
Water, Darkness,
Steel H&B
Solar Magnagarurumon Icon.png Solar MagnaGarurumon Hyper Spirit form
Lunar KaiserGreymon Icon.png
Solar Magnagarurumon Icon.png
Lunar KaiserGreymon and
Solar MagnaGarurumon Lv99
Cosmic Susanoomon Icon.png Cosmic Susanoomon Ancient Spirit form