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When hatching an egg, the size of digimon that you will get depends on the level of the eggs. Digimon Size are usually marked with X/5, where X is the Level of the Mercenary Eggs.

There are 5 types of hatchable eggs :

•Normal Mercenary  Eggs, can be hatched up to 3/5, 4/5, or 5/5. Chance of hatching the eggs is different for every digimon.
•100% Mercenary Eggs, will guarantee you a 3/5 Digimon with a 100% size, without any stat boost.
•Level 3 Mercenary Eggs, will guarantee you a 3/5 Digimon with a size between 70%-130% (Usually between 80% and 90%).
•Level 4 Mercenary Eggs. will guarantee you a 4/5 Digimon with a size between 101%-130% (Usually between 115% and 119%).
•Level 5 Mercenary Eggs. will guarantee you a 5/5 Digimon with a size between 117%-130% (Usually between 122% and 126%).

Note all Digimon have a certain chance to reach 130%, the chance for a 3/5 to reach this is very unlikely, the chance for a 4/5 to reach it is greater than a 3/5 and the chance for a 5/5 to reach 130% is greater than a 4/5 and 3/5

Bigger size = Bigger Stats:
•For example, a 100%-sized digimon doesnt get any stat boost. 
•A digimon with 115% size has 15% more stats than a 100%. 
•A digimon with 90%  size has 10% less stats than a 100%, and so on.

Size is Totally Random when hatching.

Hatching an egg will give you a totally random size based on the egg level, this can't be altered in anyway.


You can use Fruits item to alter your digimons height. Fruit items includes Miracle Fruit, Mysterious Fruit, and Fruit of the Goddess for normal digimons. Spirit Digimon uses special fruits includes Fruit of Champion, Fruit of Overload, and Fruit of Genesis.

•You can get Fruits from Cash Shop, Event, Mega Box, Giga Box, Server Continent Pyramid, Nanomon Maze (Instance Dungeon), or
Datamon Treasure Box
•Fruits can either increase or decrease the size of your digimon, so use it at your own risk.

Giant Growth Fruit is a fruit that can make your digimon taller for a certain period. However, there is no stat change by using giant growth fruit and your digimon will return to its normal size after the effect of giant growth fruit wears off. By applying giant growth fruit, digimon's size can go up to 350%.