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Patch 2.1.0 - 01 Sep 2023 Guardian of Justice Event


Exclamation Mark.png Note: Event is expected to end by 29th September

Exclamation Mark.png Note: The Quest to obtain "Strenght of Potetas - Alpha" is currently not working, please be patient, it will be fixed as soon as possible.


Event - Guardian of Justice(01/09/2023 - 29/09/2023)
      Obtainable SSS Auto Attack type Digimon SlashAngemon
•    -Players are required to exchange 1000x Sword of Justice material to obtain Strength of Potestas - Beta.
•    -Sword Of Justice can be exchanged at Pawnchessmon in D-Terminal (next to Shinjuku NPC).
      Players can obtain Sword of Justice material by:
•    -Daily Quest from PawChessmon in D-Terminal near Phantomon.
•    -killing the raids in Overgrown map which spawn every 2 hours.
•    -killing the event mobs that spawn in waves.
Event2 - Wave Event + Hawkmon Seals(01/09/2023 - 29/09/2023)
•    -5 waves spawn every 2 hours the time between each wave is 2 minutes.
•    -Mobs have a 2 mins timer.
•    -There's a spawn delay of 1 second so takes total 5 seconds for all the mobs in a wave to spawn
      Waves will spawn every 2 hours on the maps below:
      -Silver Lake
      -Silent Forest
      -Lost Historic Site
      -File Island Waterfront
      -Infinite Mountain
      -Snowstorm Village
      -Frozen Ground
      -Snowman Village
      -Distorted Data Village
      -Infinite Ice Wall
      -Server Continent Desert
      -Server Continent Canyon
      -Server Continent Pyramid
      -Shinjuku Western Area(Day)
      -Shinjuku Western Area(Night)
      -Shinjuku Eastern Area(Day)
      -Shinjuku Eastern Area(Night)Wave Event Mobs drops the items below:
       1OCS, 1 Hawkmon Seal, 1 Dark Chocolate
       2OCS, 2 Hawkmon Seals, 2 Dark Chocolate
       3OCS, 3 Hawkmon Seals, 1 Speacial Chicken Combo

Game Update

New Instance Dungeon Rainbow Bridge added.
     -Dungeon can be unlocked after clearing all the quest in Minato City.
     -Dungeon NPC Ikkakumon can be found next to Flybeemons in Minato City. 
•    SkullMeramon (Tokyo Tower Observatory) drops now Essence of Evolution.
•    Myotismon (Fuji TV Dungeon) and VenomMyotismon (Venomous Vortex) can now drop the respective Seal of the Boss (including their Reward Box).
•    Starter Energy Summon Cards will rotate for a unidentified time; [Sun Energy] Card in Western Village right now.
•    Myotismon in Fuji TV Rooftop dungeon has had their skill damage reduced. 
•    Skull Meramon in Tokyo Tower Observatory Burn debuff removed. 
•    Removed tickets from some main quests to prevent abuse ( Myotismon and Venom Myotismon dungeons) 
•    UN stat on RK and True Vices have been changed to match all other attributes value ranges. 
•    Ogudomon quest has been made repeatable (Only the quest to get the evolution item, in-case you delete your Ogudumon/want to obtain another one.)
•    New beginner gear added to help speed up early progress without wasting resources, clear maze floors to be rewarded with a brand new set of gears( F1- 
     Ring, F2-Neck, F3-Earring,F4-Bracelet) 
     Gear Stats:  
      -Ring: Skill damage 14% - Skill damage 14% - HP 2000 – HP 2000 
      -Necklace: Attack Speed 30% - Skill damage 12% - HP 1600 – HP 1600 
      -Earrings: Skill damage 16% - Skill damage 16% - HP 1600 – HP 1600 
      -Bracelet: Skill damage 16% - Skill damage 16% - HP 1600 – HP 1600 
•    Gizumon Instance Dungeon implemented
     Brand new beginner dungeon with rewards to help assist Start digimons transcendence, unlocks after completing Maze F4 
     Face off against Gizumon AT and Gizumon XT and prevent them from bringing harm to the digital world. 
     You can get the tickets for this dungeon in Kurata NPC at Maze Entrance near the SuperStarmon and Anubismon NPCs.   

Crown Shop Update

•    SlashAngemon loot box temporarily added to cash shop 
•    SlashAngemon ride mode temporarily added to cash shop 
•    Mastemon evolution item permanently added to cash shop 
•    Examon evolution item permanently added to cash shop
•    Ride Mode of SlashAngemon permanently added to cash shop
•    MedievalGallantmon's X-Factor permanently added to cash shop
•    ChaosDukemon X-Factor permanently added to cash shop
•    ChaosMedievalGallantmon's X-Factor permanently added to cash shop
•    Savers Partner Digimon Eggs permanently added to cash shop

Bug Fixes

•    Seal Aggregator / Bit Magnets are now unusable as functionality for them has been removed. 
•    Lilithmon X riding mode item now shows up in Cash Shop correctly. 
•    Rafflesimon Questline has had multiple fixes to prevent crashes/incompletable quests/incorrect teleports.
•    Qinglongmon Earring options have been fixed, previously it was allowing for an extra skill option, in this case for current users the extra skill 
     option will be changed to attribute.
•    Flame earring of Sealed Zhuqiamon - Changed Max Skill % from 7% to 8% 
•    Divine Necklace of Four Holy Beast [Lv.5] - Changed Max Skill % from 10% to 7% 
•    Divine Ring of Four Holy Beast [Lv.5] - Changed Max Skill % from 12% to 8% 
•    Colosseum measures added to prevent abuse/obtaining more than 2 tickets. 
•    Muted players can no longer use megaphones and other chats. 
•    Some mobs were not despawning correctly, this has been fixed. 
•    Poison skill that is cast by raids has now been fixed to work with both single-target and multi-targeting. 
•    Blue circle skills that appear in dungeons such as FDG/QDG/Colosseum have been fixed to remove their delays. 
•    Fixed Royal Base dungeon portals sending the player to the wrong location after clearing the dungeon. 
•    Fixed Kaiser Lab Armor dungeon mobs not spawning. Until further notice players are temporarily allowed to use non armor digimons in this dungeon, 
     while still having their evolutions restricted. 
•    Changed Radius for annihilation skill on Colo Hero and Vikaralamon/Vajramon hard dungeons, meaning when the timer for these raids ends, they will no 
     longer chase the player to perform the skill. 

Implemented QoL features

•    Some unnecessary chat filter words have been removed. 
•    Some old quest reward items that are no longer useable (Silent Shoes, Ancient Map) have been removed from quest rewards. 
•    Optimization of Hide Digimon setting. 
•    Simplify button is always showing on the screen and can be toggled on/off easier.
•    Reintroduction of being able to summon 10x cards at once in the summon square, the option is now able to be toggled on and off via the Interface 
•    Added Megaphone Blocker. 
•    Super Evolution mobs HP reduced. 
•    Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (Vengeful) ride mode added (requires 7 modeselectors to unlock) 
•    IMD2 Raids have had their hp reduced. 
•    Data digieggs can now give 1~3 data per scan once again, more such changes with certain scannable items will follow in due time. 
     Quick Evolutions added for digimons below
     -Ordinemon(Meicoomon Line)

Other Development bug fixes/QoL:

•    Attempt to prevent crashes/DC when killing many monsters in summon square.
•    Digimon's with 75 Clones will now have a clone aura (Right now the same as 60 Clones)
•    Optimizations done to Hide Digimon setting.
•    Bug fix with DMW Hide and Simplify clashing.