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Patch 2.4.1 - 17 Jan 2024 Miracle Update


Exclamation Mark.png Note: Event duration is unknown


Event - Login Event
•    -Login 14 days throughout the Event to obtain a New Years Celebration Box every day. Said box contains 2x Admission Ticket Stadium: [Vajramon-Hard], 
     2x Admission Ticket Stadium: [Vikaralamon-Hard] and 200 Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 1].
     Press E and check the Daily Check Event tab to claim these.

Event2 - Miracle Event
•    -Sukamon waves ended, but he left the wishes of Christmas to Magnamon, who appeared in the Oil Refinery-1, Oil Refinery-2, Oil Refinery-3, Server Continent Area and 
     in [[Versandi Terminal]. Magnamon will drop various items.
     There is a chance that these Magnamon drop a Summon card, which can be used to summon V-mon. Use the Summon Card in the Monster Card Dungeon, 
     which you can go to by talking to Phantomon in D-Terminal.
     Magnamon can drop:
     -Wish of Christmas
     -Bag of Miracles 
     -Piece of Miracle 
     -Miracle Summon Card [V-mon]
     200 Piece of Miracles can be exchanged to a Box of Miracle at Digitamamon in Dats Center.
     Box of Miracles can drop:
     -Bag of Miracles
     -Amazing Bag of Miracles
     -Miracle of Magnum
     -Miracle of Magnum X
     -X-Antibody Factor : IcyMagnamon
     (All items are Character Bound)
     A mysterious raid spawns randomly on the Map/channel after 250 Magnamon have been killed. It will drop 2 Amazing Bag of Miracles and have a chance to drop Miracle Tickets Lv1.
     The Grinch is still available in Overgrown and can drop the same items as before. Press E and check the Fortune Event tab to claim a Ticket for it every 2h.
     The Winter Season Exchange remains along with the Quests for the Titles and Sigil. Exp Map and the Jumping Event stays as well.
     Harvest Event Exchange has been removed.

Game Update

Skill Code Craft Renewal
     -The Skill DigiCode Lv15 craft received a renewal and require now farmable items. Please check ingame at the Nanomon NPC in Dats which Items you need for the certain Skill DigiCode.
     Low Quality Data Chip can drop from any Monster of Odaiba 
     Refined Data String can drop from any Monster of the Ice Area 
     Mid Quality Data Chip can drop from any Monster of Shinjuku 
     Complex Data String can drop from any Monster of Western Area (Maze) 
     High Quality Data Chip can drop from any Monster of File Island Area
     Info: Exceptions are Raids, they can't drop them
Deck Buff changes
     A new Deck Buff has been added: Brick Wall
     Effect: Attack Speed increase by 10%, HP increase by 15%
     (the required Magnamon X has to be from the Vengeful line)
     A new Deck Buff has been added: Knights of Vaccine
     Effect: Skill Damage 12% Additional Damage, HP increase by 12%
     Increased the activation rate to 70% of the Legendary Knight of Vaccine Deck Buff.
     Increased the Skill Damage Buff from 15% to 20%, activation rate increased to 50% of the Cosmic Spirit Evolution Deck Buff.
     Added 15% Critical Hit Damage effect to Burst Ultimate Wing Deck Buff
     Added 25% Critical Hit Damage effect to Burst Ultimate Wing 2 Deck Buff, decreased HP Buff to 10%
Berserker Arena Dungeon changes
     The HP of the Bosses in Berserk Arena has been decreased to 135M, but we also reduced the given clear time to 15min and increased the HP of the Minions to 10M.
     2x 1T Gold Bullion has been added to the guaranteed rewards of Berserker Arena. 
     Therefore, you will gain 2T if you successfully complete a run, this Item is character bound, even if the reward list doesn't mention it if you hover over it.
Vajramon and Vikaralamon Hard Dungeon changes
     Vajramon and Vikaralamon Hard Dungeon will now drop an additional crafting material that is tradeable. 
     An exchange to make the tradeable material character bound can be found in DMW Village, Jijimon NPC.
     Additionally, Skill Memory Capsule [Attack], Skill Memory Capsule [Support] and Skill Memory Capsule [Defense] have been added to the Ancient Pig's Loot Box.
     Vikaralamon's Debuff has been reduced to have a solution for the bugged buff to gain more Attack/Skill Damage in the last 10% of the battle.
Miracle Gear changes
     Miracle Ring (Special) Skill Damage has been changed to 7% (100% Digitary).
     Miracle Earring (Special) Skill Damage has been changed to 8% (100% Digitary).
     Miracle Necklace (Special) Attack value has been changed to 275 and Skill Damage to 6% (100% Digitary).
D-Ark DigiVice changes
     Stats are with 200% Digitary Power
     D-Ark Version 1 now has following fixed options: 200 AT - 1300 HP - 4% CD
     D-Ark Version 2 now has following fixed options: 300 AT - 1800 HP - 6% CD
     D-Ark Version 3 now has following fixed options: 400 AT - 2400 HP - 8% CD
     D-Ark Version 4 now has following fixed options: 650 AT - 3000 HP - 14% CD
     D-Ark Version 5 now has following fixed options: 1000 AT - 3600 HP - 20% CD
     Important note is that you have to exchange your old Digivice at Jijimon in DMW Village to the newer version.

Crown Shop Update

New Items
     -Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 1]
Deleted Items


Quality of Life
     -Increased the stack of DigiCore to 9999.
     -Increased the stack of Fruit of Yggdrasil to 9999.
     -Increased the stack of Fruit of Homeostasis to 9999.
     -Increased the range of Tree of Life and of following Tamer Skills; Aim, Focus, Guard, Encouragement.
     -Added Maze Floors to Jump Booster.
     -Added the Master Seal Level value of any Seal to the description of the item.
     -You can no longer use a Fruit if your Digimon is at max scale already.
     -Added a info which shows the scale of the Digimon when using a Fruit.
     -Added Trans Fruit Burst option to the settings which allows you to use up to 10 Fruit of Yggdrasil/Homeostasis at a time and you can choose a target percentage range.
     -Digimon Info window now displays Digimon role (AA/SK/Tank).

     -Added Seal Exchange for Sukamon Seals at Digitamamon Npc in Dats.
     -Lottery System were added back and now has a cooldown of a hour for an entry.
     -Tanks can now force aggro with Auto Attacks in Dungeons again.
     -Tradeable Lv.4 Memory Skills are now scannable, you will receive 1x Memory Card [Data] if you scan one.
     -Raids who are part of the "Myo Tour" now have the same damage reduction buff as the new Shinjuku Raids, the old Tour buff doesn't exist anymore for them.
     - Added permanently additional channels to the Maze floors

     -Fixed the description of Tamer Skills (Items, Buff, Passive Buff, Cash Shop)
     -Fixed the Attack Speed Base value of a few Digimon.
     -Fixed more descriptions of Items.
     -Fixed Reinforced Xros Starter Pack (Blue Team).
     -Fixed the evolving requirements of Shoutmon X5.
     -Fixed the name of Vajramon Normal Mode in the Dungeon UI.
     -Fixed a few missing icons from custom Digimon, like Beelzemon Fallen Mode.
     -Fixed icons of older Event exclusive titles.
     -Fixed both Colo Bugs.
     -Fixed the Movement Speed Bug.
     -Fixed the issue with D-Ark Vice removing stats after using Buff items/skills.