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Patch 2.5.0 - 8 Feb 2024 Lunar Update

Lunar Event.png

Exclamation Mark.png Note: Event duration is unknown

Game Update

New farmable Seals
•    New Seals to farm have been permanent added, check below which and where you can farm them
     MegaKabuterimon Seal		---	Distorted Data Village
     HerculesKabuterimon Seal		---	Infinite Ice Wall
     Greymon Seal			---	Western Area: East, Server Continent Desert
     Garurumon Seal			---	Wind Valley, Snowstorm Village
     MetalGreymon Seal			---	Western Area: West, Ruined Historic


Event - Energy Card Rotation
•    Moon Energy Summon Cards no longer drop from Monsters in Oil Refinery 1-2-3.
     Dark Energy summon card now drop from Monsters in Snowstorm Village, Snowman Village and Distorted Data Village 
     Dark Energy summon card are used at D-Terminal Summon Square to summon Ravemon Ruin Mode and Ravemon Mutant and will drop a Dark Energy Box – Beast Mutant.
     Disclaimer: Ravemon Ruin Mode only has a chance to drop a Box, Ravemon Mutant will drop one guaranteed

Event2 - Starter Rotation
•    During the event, AT, HP, DE, and DS of Ravemon Ruin Mode will be increased by 1.3 times, Skill Damage is during the Event increased as well.
     During the event, AT, HP, DE, and DS of Ravemon Mutant will be increased by 1.1 times, Skill Damage is during the Event increased as well.

Event3 - Lunar Event
•    -The Lunar Event is divided into different parts; Hunting Event, Event Dungeons and a Event Quest.
     You have the chance to get either Megidramon X or Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (Vengeful) for free. In order to get one of them you have to complete the Quest you get from 
     Dracomon (Blue) in Dats, you have to collect exactly 24 Piece of Dragon's Blessing from the Lunar Festival Dungeon to craft the Sigil Item - Dragon's Blessing.
     There is also a Event limited title, more infos about the individual parts below.
     Hunting Event will be active in Valley of Light-Big Sight, Western Area (except Maze floors) and on all Shinjuku Maps.
     Killing Monster fills the Hunting bar there but only players that contribute to filling up the bar have a chance of winning. 
     Your chance of winning is directly related to the amount you contribute, once the bar is full a winner is selected and they will be mailed the reward.
     The Hunting reward is a Random Dragonball Box (the Box itself is Character Bound but the Dragonball's can be traded).
     Those Dragonball's are also but not only needed to craft the Event title.
     Monster on those Maps have a chance to drop 1x Dragon Essence and 1x Lunar New Year Box [Alpha] on top of it.
     Lunar New Year Box [Alpha] can drop:
     Random Event Seal Pack
     Random Mercenary Cash Shop Egg
     Random Mid Class Transcendence Chip
     Random Enhance Tamer Skill Box [7D]
     Golden DigiAura [1D]
     Random Hatch Backup Lv.4-5
     Seal Opener [Event]
     Backup Disk [Event]
     Special Chicken Combo
     The Event Exchange as previously mention is located in Dats, Dracomon (Blue) Npc.
     200 Piece of Miracles can be exchanged to a Box of Miracle at Digitamamon in Dats Center.
Event Dungeon
     Lunar Festival is a 2 player Dungeon and you can receive a Daily Pass for it at the Cyberdramon Npc in D-Terminal, it's also the entrance to the Dungeon.
     Majiramon will be your enemy and will drop 1x Piece of Dragon's Blessing and 10x Lunar New Year Box [Beta] if you defeated it. But watch out there might be another Dragon who appears
     uppon Majiramon's death, he will reward you with the same drops if you defeat him.
     Lunar New Year Box [Beta] can drop:
     Random Event Seal Pack
     Random Reinforced Cash Shop Egg
     Random Ride Mode Box
     Random Ultimate Tamer Skill Box [7D]
     Golden DigiAura [7D]
     Digimon Skill Initialization
     Hatch Backup Lv5
     Raremon DigiEgg Lv.4-5
     Seal Opener [Event]
     Lava Lair have been added back for the Event duration and returns with a new difficulty, both Modes can drop Items to hatch and unlock Examon, the Hard Mode is needed for
     the Event Quest from Dracomon (Blue). You can claim 2 Tickets per day for both Easy and Hard Mode at Agumon Npc in D-Terminal.
     The drop of the Modes are the same but the Hard Mode have a better rate and it will drop 3x Lunar New Year Box [Beta] on top of it, as well a chance to drop 25x Examon Seals.
     There might be another Dragon who appears uppon Examon's death, he will reward you with the same drops in a higher quantity if you defeat him.

Event4 - Seal Master Event
     During the event period the chances to drop a Seal or a Seal Exchange Ticket from an Monster will be increased. 
     There is also a Seal Master Seal Exchange at Digitamamon in Dats with rare Seals.
     New Event Seals have been added through the Random Event Seal Pack you can obtain when participating in the Lunar Event.

Crown Shop Update

New Items
     -Megidramon Transcendence Package
     -Megidramon Holy Descent Package
     -Vengeful Transcendence Package
     -Vengeful Holy Descent Package
     -Fanglongmon Holy Descent Package
     -Vengeful Box
     -Mysterious X-Antibody Factor Box [Megidramon X]
     -Seal Expert Package
     -Seal Master Package
     -Duplicate Hatch Backup
     -Golden DigiAura
     -Custom ID Submitter
•    Deleted Items
     -Ticket to Miracle Accessory [Level 1]
     -Omegamon X - Package
     -Omegamon Zwart D - Package
     -Omegamon Alter-S Transcendence Package
     -Omegamon Alter-S Holy Descent Package
     -Omegamon Zwart Transcendence Package
     -Omegamon Zwart Holy Descent Package
     -Ultimate Tamer Skills 1D/7D/30D
     -XAI Ver. X-Mas 30D
     -Winter Digi Aura 30D
     -Highest Skill Memory Capsule [Support]
     -Highest Skill Memory Capsule [Defense]
     -Highest Skill Memory Capsule [Attack]
     -Skill Memory Cube Lv 4 [Support]
     -Skill Memory Cube Lv 4 [Defense]
     -Skill Memory Cube Lv 4 [Attack]
     -Snowman Suit Box 30D
     -Magnetic ID Card - Merry Christmas 30D


Quality of Life
     -Increased the stack of Low Class Data to 9999.
     -The range of Omegamon Zwart D's F1 (Grey Sword) have been increased
     -The rage of Omegamon Alter-B's F1 (Garuru Sword) and F3 (Grey Cannon & Garuru Sword) have been increased

     -Ride Modes of following Digimon have been added: LunarKaiserGreymon, SolarMagnaGarurumon, Cosmic Susanoomon, Imperialdramon Dragon Mode (Vengeful).
     -A X-Ticket Exchange for GrandisKuwagamon X have been added; it requires 8.000 X-Antibody Factor Exchange Tickets.
     -ToyAgumon in Oil Refinery-3 can drop from now it's Mercenary Eggs.
     -Removed some old Event Exchanges from Digitamamon (Dats) and Jijimon (DMW Village)

     -The Skill animations of Ravemon and MirageGaogamon Mutant have been fixed.
     -The Bug with the not registered Encyclopedia/Deck entry have been fixed but you have to take the Digimon with the bugged entry out (partner Digimon) and then relog.

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