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Patch 2.3.0 - 14 Dec 2023 Anniversary Update


Exclamation Mark.png Note: Event duration is unknown

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Event - Login Event
•    -Login 14 days throughout the month of December to be rewarded with 3rd Anniversary Box. On certain days you will be rewarded with a Glorious 3rd Anniversary Box.
      Press E to access the Event rewards screen.
Event2 - Jumping
•    - During the event period, new Tamers can participate on the Jumping Event.
       Talk with Jijimon in DMW Village and complete the first Quests from Jijimon to reach Tamer level 2, you will then receive a Jumping Ticket per Mail.
       Exchange this Jumping Ticket for 1 of 3 Tickets:
      -Virus Ticket - MoonMillenniumon
      -Vaccine Ticket - Magnamon X
      -Data Ticket - Fanglongmon
      Complete afterwards the respective Quest to obtain the Jumping Package and use the provided Items to level up quickly.
      After that you will get another Jumping Box which can be opened at a certain Tamer level.
Event2 - Exp Map
•    - The Tropical Jungle EXP Map has been added back!
       Tropical Jungle can be accessed by Leomon in Dats Center.
       Opening Times(UTC):
       01:00 - 03:00
       05:00 - 07:00
       09:00 - 11:00
       13:00 - 15:00
       17:00 - 19:00
       21:00 - 23:00
Event3 - Anniversary Sigil
•    - During the event period you can obtain 1 Winter Season Sigil by completing one of Santa Claus Quests.
       After that you can choose at the Digitamamon Npc between one of the following SSS Unlock Items:
      -X-Antibody Factor: Alphamon Ouryuken- Beta
      -X-Antibody Factor: Jesmon
      -X-Antibody Factor: Craniummon
      -X-Antibody Factor: Lilithmon X
      -X-Antibody Factor: ShadowMedievalGallantmon
      -Tyranno Data : Destruction
      -Data of Fallen Angel - Sorrow
Event4 - Christmas P1
 •    - Waves Monsters will drop Fruit of Yggdrasil, Chocolate Cake, Sukamon Seals and Wish of Christmas, there will also be a small chance to drop a Stolen Santa Bag.
       There will be a total of 4 waves each lasting 2 minutes, there will also be a 5th wave only on channel 0 which spawns a Special Raid, 
       providing every player that helps defeating it with 3x Stolen Santa Bag and 5x Wish of Christmas.
       Waves are spawning on the maps below:
      -Silver Lake
      -Silent Forest
      -Lost Historic Site
      -File Island Waterfront
      -Snowstorm Village
      -Frozen Ground
      -Snowman Village
      -Distorted Data Village
      -Infinite Ice Wall
      -Server Continent Desert
      -Server Continent Canyon
      -Server Continent Pyramid
       Santa Claus Npc has also a Quest to hunt down the Grinch in Overgrown, rewarding tamer with 5x Stolen Santa Bag and 1x Proof of Attendance.
       Press E to access the Fortune Event screen.
       Wish of Christmas can be used at the Exchange Shop and Event title Quests of the Santa Claus Npc in Dats Center.
Event5 - Christmas P2
•    - Christmas Dungeon has been added back.
       The rebelling Sleipmon and Goatmon returned and Rudolph need once more your help by protecting the presents.
       Rudolph Npc in D-Terminal will provide you a daily Quest with one Entrance Ticket to this Dungeon,
       beat Sleipmon and Goatmon to receive Box of the Centaur and Box of Hope which can be opened for various items.
Event6 - Event Titles
•    - During this Event you can complete the Quests from Santa Claus Npc at Dats Center to obtain following Titles;
      -Defender of Winter 2023: 
       HP +1500, Damage Reduction +10%, Defense +500
      -3rd Anniversary: 
       AT +500, Critical Damage +20%, Skill Dmg +15%

Game Update

New Digimons Release
     -Omegamon Zwart D (Crown Shop + Dungeon)
     -Omegamon Alter-B (Obtainable through Quests and Dungeon)
New Dungeon added
     Berserk Arena has been added and is accessible through the Omegamon Merciful Mode Npc at Dats Center, 
     you will receive 1 Entrance Ticket per day but there is also a Trial Mode which has no limitation.
     Face off the enraged Omegamon Zwart and Omegamon Alter-S and you will be rewarded with x1 Berserker Core and x1 Berserk Arena Box after you defeated both of them.
New Seal
     - To celebrate the Anniversary of DMW we are introducing the first ever Skill Damage Seal: Sukamon
     You are able to obtain this Seal in the current Event

Crown Shop Update

New Items
     -Omegamon X - Package
     -Omegamon Zwart D - Package
     -Omegamon Alter-S Transcendence Package
     -Omegamon Alter-S Holy Descent Package
     -Omegamon Zwart Transcendence Package
     -Omegamon Zwart Holy Descent Package
     -Ultimate Tamer Skills 1D/7D/30D
     -XAI Ver. X-Mas 30D
     -Winter Digi Aura 30D
     -Highest Skill Memory Capsule [Support]
     -Highest Skill Memory Capsule [Defense]
     -Highest Skill Memory Capsule [Attack]
     -Skill Memory Cube Lv 4 [Support]
     -Skill Memory Cube Lv 4 [Defense]
     -Skill Memory Cube Lv 4 [Attack]
     -Snowman Suit Box 30D
     -Magnetic ID Card - Merry Christmas 30D
Deleted Items
     -Mysterious X-Antibody Factor [Gankoomon X]: 
     -Reinforced Snowboard Suit Box (151071): 129 Crown
     -Gankoomon  Transcendence Package
     -Gankoomon Holy Descent Package
     -Expert’s Green Football Uniform


Quality of Life
     -Rainbow Bridge Truck position has been adjusted.
     -Exchange to obtain a Box which includes all 10 Shining Spirits of KaiserGreymon/MagnaGarurumon have been added.
     -Quick Evo for Omegamon Zwart D and Omegamon Alter-B have been added.
     -Filter for the Magnetic ID Card have been added.
     -Digi/Tamer Movement Toggle Button have been added.
     -Clean UI Toggle Button have been added.
     -Movement Toggle Button have been added.
     -New Chat System have been added.
     -Master Membership Item Box includes now a Energy Aura instead of the normal Aura.
     -Ruler of Space is once more enabled to see if it was fixed.
     -The Cooldown of Special Chicken Combo and Yardie's Fried Chicken have been changed.
     -New Tank Aggro System added and require you to use a Skill as Tank to force the aggro for the entire battle.
     -Only Tank Digimon can now learn and use the Memory Skill Provocation, due the Tank system change.
     -Quiz System have been added.
     -Lottery System have beed added, more to it whenever it's being used.
     -Shining LunarKaiserGreymon Spirits can now be exchanged for tradeable versions at Digitamamon Npc.
     -Exchange to obtain a Box which includes all 10 Shining LunarKaiserGreymon Spirits have been added.
     -A tradeable set of the Greenzone Clothing Set have been added to Treasure of Greenzone NightSky.
     -Pity for the Character Bound Greenzone Clothing Set at Digitamamon Npc have been added.
     -A few Seal Master Pets have been resized.
     -Fog effect on certain Maps/Dungeons have been removed. 
     -The HP of Vajramon/Vikaralamon Hard Dungeon & Colo Hero Bosses were adjusted.
     -Fanglongmon's F3 range and cooldown have been adjusted.
     -Susanoomon Shin's F4 range and cooldown have been adjusted.
     -The Deck Buff Cosmic Spirit Evolution have been adjusted.
     -Removed some unused Encyclopedia entries. 
     -Colosseum Hero R10/11/12/13 Reward Box will now expire at 00:00 (server time).
     -You will no longer receive rewards if you begin/finish Colo before the end of the Weekly, Monthly or Seasonal ranking.
     -Colo Board Ranking should now show the ranks correctly.
     -Icons of the Digizoid Shards were added back.
     -The descriptions of Memory Skills Lv3 are now showing the right value for their effect.
     -Chaosmon's F3 (Aoe) is now finally fixed.
     -A few typos in Itemnames have been fixed (for the people who can read).