Patch 4.0.1

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Bugfix Patch - 26 Oct 2023

Exclamation Mark.png Note: If you find more bugs, please report at #bug-reporting channel in discord and DO NOT abuse it, it may lead you to have your account suspended.

General Gameplay Change/Fixes

•   Hunting Event has been revamped: 
      Hunting Bar is always shown on active maps, Hunter's Aura in Interface Settings now only toggles the winner announcement notification. 
      Only tamers that contribute to filling up the bar have a chance of winning. Your chance of winning is directly related to the amount you contribute. 
      If you contributed 20% EXP to the bar then you will have a 20% chance of winning. Once the bar is full a winner is selected and they will be mailed the reward.
•   Myotismon in Big Sight now uses the tour buff (30,000% AT/SKD buff) and removed silence.
•   Hard dungeon tickets now require the correct essence.
•   Daemon Transcendence and Daemon Holy Descent package give the correct items now (items listed in the cash shop description)
•   Boltboutamon Jogress quest now requires the Rookie to start the questline.