Patch 2.0.1

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Bugfix Patch - 04 Aug 2023

Exclamation Mark.png Note: If you find more bugs, please report at #bug-reporting channel in discord and DO NOT abuse it, it may lead you to have your account suspended.

General Gameplay Change/Fixes

•   Masters membership is now tradeable like DMW1 again, current boxes that users have can be opened also to activate masters membership.
•   Blessing of File Island buff is now retained after a death.
•   Starter size increase quest disabled.(No longer used)
•   Fixed HP desyncing when Hide Digimon was enabled.
•   Fixed VoB portal to Shibuya.
•   EXP is temporarily modified from Base of 1500% to 3000%, Burning EXP on Weekends will be at 4000%.

Battle Ballance Change/Fixes

•   Memory skills Lv 1,2,3 are equal to Low, Mid, High.

Instance Dungeons Change/Fixes

•   LadyDevimon in Colosseum Hero item usage should now be fixed.
•   Devimon in Colosseum Normal should no longer give the Blessing of File Island buff.
•   RKD Dungeon mobs should now be spawning.
•   Fanglongmon mobs can no longer be pulled into safezones.
•   Decreased Delay on Baihumon Skills in FDG.

User Interface Changes/Fixes

•   Guild Expansion removed from Cash Shop.
•   Megaphone Blocker added to Cash Shop.
•   Fixed UI Chatbox glitch when characters were going outside of it's range.
•   Fixed some missing/wrong descriptions.
•   Max skill damage % fix on some accessories that were incorrect.


•    Other minor bugfixes.