Enhanced Tamer Skills

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Enhanced Tamer Skills

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Enhanced Tamer Skills are additional skills which can be seperately used from the exisiting tamer skills.

  • You can register 2 Enhanced Tamer Skills by maximum, and register them individually.
  • Enhanced Tamer Skills are removable, and free to switch anytime.
  • Deleted Tamer Skill cannot be restored, so please make decisions wisely when you delete or switch skills.
  • Enchanted Tamer Skill can be obtained with Arena Voucher VoucherAREA.png

Enhanced Tamer Skill List

Enhanced Berserker.png Enhanced Berserker Attack damage of Digimon Leader increase by 80% for 30 seconds.
Spirit!.png Enhanced Vigor Skill damage is increased by 50% for 30 seconds.
Enhanced Cheer.png Enhanced Cheer Recover Digimon Leader's HP and DS by 100% immediately.
Impregnableness.png Enhanced Impregnableness All damages taken are reduced by 30% for 13 seconds.
Enhanced Pray.png Enhanced Pray Recover all Digimon Leaders in the party by 40% immediately.
Protection.png Enhanced Protection Creates a barrier which absorbs all damage taken for 3 seconds.
Encouragement.png Enhanced Encouragement Increase Digimon Leader's HP and DS by 30% for 2 minutes.
Evade Joe.png Enhanced Evade Increases base evoid by 100% for 11 seconds.
Analysis Izzy.png Enhanced Analysis Increases Critical damage by 200% for 7 seconds.
Focus.png Reinforced Focus Increase the skill damage of you and your party members by 30% for 30 seconds.
Guard.png Reinforced Guard Reduce the damage you and your party members received by 30% for 8 seconds.
Aim.png Reinforced Aim Increase you and your party members Digimon's hit rate by 200% of its base value for 3 minutes./ 5minutes cooldown