Devs Ideas 1st Sep 2023

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Developers ideas for next patch

Exclamation Mark.png Note: These are just ideas currently PLANNED to be introduced for the next month's patch on 1st September.May not happen but please be patient, developers are working hard to deliver, DO NOT pressure them.

Exclamation Mark.png Note: These ideas are NOT FINAL and NOT GUARANTEED to be implemented.naturaly many ideas will not be viable due to multiple different reasons.

General Gameplay Change/Fixes

•    Seal Aggregator / Bit Magnets are now unusable.
•    Old quest reward items like Silent Shoes and Ancient Map have been removed from quest rewards.
•    Some colosseum measures added to stop abusing/obtaining more than 2 tickets.
•    Muted players can no longer use Megaphones/other chats.
•    Ogudomon quest has been made repeatable (Only the quest to get the evolution item, in-case you delete your Ogudumon/Want another one)
•    Rafflesimon questline fix, quests which were uncomplete/would teleport to wrong map/would cause client crashes have all been fixed.
•    Removed some unnecessary chat filter words.

Battle Ballance Change/Fixes

•    Qinglongmon Earring options have been fixed. (Extra skill option removed - Database change to correct will follow)
•    Divine Neck/Ring Lv5 Skill % change from 10%/12% to the intended 7%/8% and additionally any other changes for missing options on accessories. 
     (Database change to correct will follow)
•    UN stat on RK and True Vices have been changed to match all other attributes.

Instance Dungeons Change/Fixes

•    Poison fix for both single target and multi target.
•    Blue circle skills in FDG/QDG/Colo fixing to remove delays.

User Interface Changes/Fixes

•    The ability to summon 10x cards at a time in the summon square can be set using the setting in the Interface, toggle this if you are sure you can 
     handle 10 mobs at a time.
•    Optimization of Hide Digimon setting.
•    Simplify button always shows.
•    Lilithmon X Ride Mode now shows up in Cash Shop properly.