Complete list of Raid Bosses in DMW

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Dungeon Raids

Eternal Glacier Lava Lair (Event) Shrine of Love (Event)

Infinite Mountain Dungeon Infinite Mountain Dungeon 2.0

Ebonwumon Dungeon (EDG)

Zhuqiaomon Dungeon (ZDG)

Baihumon Dungeon (BDG)

Qinglongmon Dungeon (QDG)

Fanglongmon Dungeon (FDG) Royal Base(First Room)

Royal Base(Second Room) Royal Base(Yggdrasil's Room)

Kimeramon Dungeon(Normal) Kimeramon Dungeon(Hero)

Datamon Dungeon Datamon Dungeon(Hero)

SkullMeramon Dungeon Myotismon Dungeon VenomMyotismon Dungeon

Green Zone
  • MadLeomon (GZDG)
Instance Devimon Dungeon Ancient Ruins of Secret

Open World Raids

The Real World

Oil Refintry-3

File Island Continent

Silver Lake Silent Forest

Lost Historic Site File Island Waterfront

Server Continent

Server Continent Desert Server Continent Canyon

New Digital World

Versandi Terminal

Tokyo - Odaiba

Valley Of Light Shibuya Minato City

Odaiba Big Sight


Shinjuku Western (Day) Shinjuku Eastern (Night)

Other Raids / Events

Special Raids