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Attack Speed specifies the rate at which a Digimon will attack.

Attack Speed Thresholds

Unlike other stats , attack speed does not simply change by moving few points of the value.

A Digimon with 0.901 attack speed and 0.954 attack speed will both attack at the same rate of 0.985. 

This is due to how attack speed is related to server ticks. Currently the normal maps and instance dungeons both work at separate tick rate. A simple test that anyone could do is Hit the pickmon dummy with your 1.8 AS Digimon(Susano,Slash,Lilith,LKX,etc) with a necklace of 30% AS. Turn on your attack speed deck and see the DPS , now turn off the attack speed deck and see the DPS. Both the values will be the same as a 1.8 AS digi would be 0.990 and 1.26 AS respectively with and without Deck buff which makes them fall in to the 1.315 Threshold.

Attack Speed in Instance
0.110 Increase 0.435 0.545 0.655 0.765 0.875 0.985 1.095 1.205 1.315 1.425 1.535 1.645

Attack Speed in World Maps
0.328 Increase 0.656 0.984 1.312 1.640

If your attack speed falls between the above thresholds in the respective maps , it will act as the higher one. 0.901 becomes 0.985.

Exclamation Mark.png Note: Fanglong Necklace only requires base AS of 15.16% or above to get maximum DPS for AA Build